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The first shot of Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center


The first shot of Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center

By UP  2019-11-05

On Tuesday, November 05, we visited the 4th Bao’an Industry Development Expo and the 5th Shenzhen International Intelligent Equipment Industry Expo.The event took place at the World Exhibition & Convention Center inShenzhen, CN.


Many leading companies and famous brand in field of industrial robotics,SI,Laser gear,SMT gather at the scene,to bring the audience to meet the needs of the optional solutions.Such as LIMIN,API,NITTO, JUGUAR.

Robotic & 5G,Innovation and the future.

With the theme of "robots & 5G innovation and future", the summit invited experts and elites from the robotics industry and 5G communication at home and abroad to discuss the innovation, exploration and development integration of robotics and 5G technology. A number of advanced enterprises Shared on site the reform and exploration direction of 5G for the robot industry, and made Suggestions for opening up the robot development chain and industrial upgrading.




With the orderly progress of digitization and informatization of The Times, the world of interconnection of everything is gradually being constructed. How can industrial manufacturing better advance towards industrial intelligent manufacturing?What challenges and opportunities will China's industrial intelligence face in the future?To address these issues, Meng Qinghu, academician of the Canadian academy of engineering and director of the department of electrical engineering of the Chinese university of Hong Kong, and other industry experts held discussions in the form of keynote speeches and dialogues, giving advice and Suggestions for China intelligent manufacturing to go global.


       Robotic Guard


                          5G ROBOT MODEL