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Rapid tooling,making a mass production.

What is Rapid tooling?

Mold is a tool that uses its specific shape to form products with a certain shape, size and surface accuracy. It is mainly used in mass production.Although the mold production and manufacturing costs are relatively high, While it reduce the cost of each product beacuse of mass production.

Rapid molds designed to simplify the mold frame for saving time and cost. Some tooling can also share the same mold frame with others, but change the mold core as needed.That's why we called it “rapid ”.

Rapid tooling Rapid tooling Rapid tooling Rapid tooling

What we can provide?

Additive prototypes aren't always adequate for marketing needs, in which case molding can give you the accurate part for small to large run production. When your production tooling won't be ready for months,Rapid tooling is a great way to receive parts quickly and inexpensively. Up Rapid can offer you quick-turn tooling and molded parts to meet your timelines as needed.

Up Rapid can provide molds that can be produced in cast steel, aluminum, P-20 or high-grade tool steel. Aluminum can be used if your volume requirements don't justify the higher cost of steel tooling. Aluminum tooling can be very cost effective prior to moving into high run production molded parts.

We can provide techniques of Injection molding,Die casting,Extrusion.There are a range of products materials you can choose.

Rapid tooling Rapid tooling