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Thanks for Up rapid’s support on our projects.We got good prototypes and satisfying service from them.We are looking forward to the next cooperation.------David.Yann


Pretty excellent stuffs got from Up rapid. Absolutely i like work with them.They guys have a complete set of service system.these parts obtained with spending little money.I used them for theories test.It really make sense with their prototypes.------Jeff.Green


It usually was a pleased thing when you work with a reliable vendor.Up rapid make everything easier.Quickly quote,rigorous QC,proper shipment arrangement.Very nice! ---Jay.H


When you don’t know how to produce your design products.Go and contact Up rapid’s sales.They always can find a solution to solve problems.That’s why i still note them till now.-------Andrew.J.Steve

A very nice prototyping solutions company.I visited their factory.sophisticated machines and professional staff made me impressed.------Luke.Jason