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Vacuum casting help you cost less

What is Vacuum Casting?

Vacuum Casting is a small batch production process,which is typically used to produce small numbers (usually up to 20) of highly accurate polyurethane prototype parts.

It is a slightly slower process than SLA or CNC Machining alone because of the additional steps involved in the process, some of which are manually intensive. The time to manufacture depends on the desired characteristics of the part, with size being a key factor as this affects the curing time of the material.

Parts are made from a single master mould, which is itself made using an SLA/CNC master model. The mould is made from silicone rubber, and the casting made by pouring resin into the mould in a vacuum chamber.

Vacuum casting Vacuum casting Vacuum casting

Why Vacuum Casting?

Many products have low volume production needs. In a high volume world this can make things difficult for companies who need high quality production parts and want to eliminate the need to cut expensive injection molds. This is where “Short Run” production comes in. When you need to produce parts, but do not meet the volume requirements for production status, cast urethane can be hand mixed and poured or meter mixed and injected to accomplish your production needs.


● Urethane casting is low cost compared to the tooling costs required for mass manufacturing.

● RTV Tooling is more easily constructed than hard steel tools and can be easily modified.

● Parts can be manufactured quickly to prove out your design prior to production.

● Dyes can be mixed into the resin prior to casting, eliminating the need to paint parts.

● Many material properties can be achieved including rigid and flexible parts from 10 Shore A to 80 Shore D.

What materials are offered by us?

The commonly used plastic materials for vacuum casting are transparent PU, soft plastic PU, ABS, PP/PE, Polycarbonate. 

Silicone mold Silicone mold Silicone mold Silicone mold Silicone mold Silicone mold Silicone mold Silicone mold