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Customized CNC Machining parts

Customized 3D Printing parts

CNC Machining parts Services

3D Printing parts Services

China CNC Machining parts manufacturers

China 3D Printing parts suppliers

CNC Machining parts

3D Printing suppliers

CNC Machining parts manufacturers

3D Printing parts suppliers


At UP Rapid, we’ve been delivering solutions for over 10 years, and our capabilities, depth of innovation experience and global reach have been growing ever since. We’ve played a dominant role in the CNC Machining, 3D Printing, Silicone Molding, Sheet Metal Fabrication. We know how to solve the toughest measurement and control challenges.

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Watch a video from our factory to see how our department works together to quickly produce quality parts. The work of each member plays an important role in ensuring the delivery of customer orders.



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How To Work With Us?

Upload your design drawings, including 3D stp files or 2D dwg, customer drawings are protected by NDA and will not be leaked


The drawings will be reviewed by our engineers within one hour, and the quotation and delivery time will be given


The customer confirms that the price is appropriate and sends PO


The factory receives the production task and starts production. The goods can be dispatched after passing the quality inspection