Our Facilities




UP Rapid's factory is 1000 square meters in size and has various processing facilities.

There are CNCs, 3D Printers, Laser cutting machine, precision inspection equipment CMM, Projector.


We can develop prototype solutions and small batch manufacturing solutions according to

customers' needs.


CNC Workshop
3D Printers
CNC Workshop produces mechanical parts
3D printing is an additive manufacturing
by subtractive manufacturing cutting, turning,
process. Production of plastic and metal 
milling, drilling and other processes.
workpieces via SLA, SLS, SLM.

Sheet Metal Department

Inspection Room

The task of the sheet metal department is

The quality inspection room is an important

to complete the cutting, bending and punching

part of ensuring the quality of shipped parts.

of metal in the workpiece of the sheet metal

All quality inspection reports come from here,


and high-precision parts will issue CMM








A warehouse is a place where raw materials



and goods are stored. The small batch orders



we produce will be placed in the warehouse



until the confirmation of shipment is






The warehouse has protection measures against moisture and rain. In order to ensure the safety of the goods, the warehouse has fire protection equipment.



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