Union Profit (UP Rapid) was founded in 2015 by River Yao,


a successful entrepreneur and experienced engineer,


hoping to provide Rapid Prototyping services for those who


need manufacturing assistance. Our solutions can solve


most  of the production difficulties such as Cost Reduction,


Fast Production Turn-around.


We have an earlier history. The original company HongKong Xiehe Model Co., Ltd. was established as early as 2001. It used to produce models for Automotive and Aerospace Industries. With the development of the industrial age  and the introduction of foreign technology, we have differentiated and newly created UP Rapid with Rapid Prototyping technologies as the core. It is younger, more innovative, and more powerful.



In 2015.

We owned 30 CNCs and 10 injection molding machines for production turnover and 50 workers involved in production.


In 2016.

We have participated in 472 projects of 30 companies. They cover white goods, Electromechanical, Automotive, Electronics, Military and other Industries.


In 2018.

We started to increase equipment automation. Purchased 3+2axis and five-axis CNC and more tonnage injection molding machines. We are advancing to the field of precision equipment and parts processing. Besides, achieved cooperation with CHOTEST, a company focused on providing precision measurement solutions.


In 2019.

We set up a foreign trade department. We have been seeking cooperation from foreign customers.


In 2020.

The additive manufacturing was booming in China, we launched  SLA, SLS and other 3D printing services.


Our Mission

Core Values

We provide customers with comprehensive,

“Customer is god” This is an Chinese saying. It

fast, and timely prototype manufacturing

means that always be customer focused.

solutions, so that their products can be

Everything our staff do is aimed at solving 

recognized by the market and investors.

problems customers suffered, and only solving 


problems can bring about income.




Seek truth from facts. Good reputation is crucial


to the maintenance of the brand. UP Rapid’s


goal is to become a leading company in the






Accept and learn from mistakes. We may


make mistakes, but we should not repeat


mistakes, we should learn from failures and


accumulate experience. Saving failure files or


cases for employee reflection.


Our Clients