• When processing precision CNC machining parts, they must be processed in strict accordance with the existing industry standards. The size will be processed according to various products and different and specific needs. In the processing accuracy aspects will also be different. What are the requirements for this part of CNC machining parts when they are actually processed?


  • How to maintain precision CNC machine tool parts? In real life, a CNC lathe is a relatively high-precision, high-efficiency, automated machine tool controlled by a program. How to maintain it in the process of actually using a precision CNC machine tool to process parts?


  • What work should be done in the processing of CNC machining parts? What are the details that need attention? In the actual processing of CNC machining parts, a series of work must be done well. Only in this way can we pay attention to many details. From the current situation, how to do detail work on all the machined parts.


  • Up Rapid has been manufacturing customized parts for ten years. Customize professional production solutions for customers through the advantages brought by different processes such as stamping, milling, and die casting.


  • For board-level heat sinks with simple structures, we can use stamping or extrusion processes. Stamped heatsinks are made from sheet metal that has undergone a progressive stamping process, adding details and features as each metal stamps through the die.


  • A heat sink is one of the most basic components in cooling an electronic device. For any heat source that cannot be cooled by its own conduction and needs to be cooled more efficiently than a heat sink, a heat sink is required to move the heat away from the source and dissipate it through more optimized conduction or convection


  • On August 15, 2022, the 2022 ITES Shenzhen Industrial Exhibition officially kicked off at Shenzhen Bao'an International Convention and Exhibition Center as scheduled. 1000+ exhibitors participated in the exhibition, and 50+ forum meetings will be held here.


  • According to UPR's financial data, sales in the first quarter of 2022 increased from $500,000 to $600,000 in the fourth quarter of 2021 last year. This is 20% higher than the average quarterly sales in 2021. To cope with the increasing order volume, UPR purchased 2 more CNC machines.


  • CNC is a digital code on the processing of the object to achieve the process of automatic control of a method. CNC machine tool operation and monitoring all in the NC unit to complete, it is the brain of CNC machine tools. Relatedwith traditional machine tools, CNC machine tools have the following characteristics:


  • Judging from the current situation, if you want to process CNC machined parts, then probably most people want to know the actual steps of these machining parts. When machining parts, how to process them efficiently?


  • The machine tool industry has always been an important strategic deployment point for major countries and leading enterprises. The changes and adjustments of the future manufacturing pattern, especially in the global automotive, aerospace, high-end equipment manufacturing and other strategic industries, the machine tool industry is an important strategic fulcrum and will play an important role in the future competitiveness fulcrum.


  • China UP Rapid factory is a senior manufacturer specializing in CNC Machining parts and 3D Printing parts Services. It has many years of experience in the machining industry. The company has advanced CNC machining centers, five-axis machining centers, four-axis machining centers, and three-axis machining centers. The machining accuracy can reach ±0.005mm.