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How to avoid deformation of CNC aluminum parts? Is there any way?


When machining CNC aluminum parts, if you want to avoid deformation, you must consider some methods. Only after mastering these methods can it be better processed.


CNC aluminum parts


Method 1: 1: Symmetrical processing


When CNC machining CNC aluminum parts, symmetrical processing must be done when processing must be carried out. In this case, for those parts with a relatively large machining allowance, in order to allow them to have better heat dissipation conditions during processing and avoid heat concentration during processing, they must be processed in this way. If there is a piece of wood that needs to be processed to a thickness of 90 mm to 60 mm, then one side must be washed well, and then immediately processed on the other side. One-time processing to the final final size, the flatness can reach the figure can be about 5 mm, can be processed by the method of repeatedly entering symmetrically.


Method 2: 2: Multi-layered multiple times


When processing CNC aluminum parts for processing, the processing method of multiple layers and multiple times is also very important. If there are many different kinds of cavities on the parts of the plate, please do not process them in the order of one kind of cavities. In such a case, each layer will try to process all the cavities at the same time as possible, and then process to the next level.


What kind of method does CNC aluminum parts have when processing them? The above two methods are more important, I suggest that you must learn more before processing.