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How to do a good job of surface treatment in CNC aluminum parts processing? What are some ways to deal with it?


With the development of science and technology, people do various processing on the CNC surface of various aluminum alloy shells. In this case, in order to better highlight its processing performance, most people will also consider a series of methods when choosing processing. How to do effective processing when CNC aluminum parts are processed?


CNC aluminum parts processing


Processing Tin plating processing


The color tone of electroplated tin and CNC aluminum parts is still relatively close, but they are relatively soft and soft on the surface, and they are particularly popular with people. At present, most parts abroad use this product to replace chromium, but cobalt electroplating is not easy to shape during processing, and electroplating tin is relatively suitable for easy processing. Electroplating tin itself has relatively good rolling capacity and uniformity, so it may be suitable for some different and complex shapes of work, and the corrosion resistance of electroplating on the bottom part is relatively speaking. It is inferior to electroplating chrome.


Processing electroplated copper


Electroplated copper and CNC Machining parts will have a variety of different colors when processed. These colors are all pink or golden yellow on the surface. It has high anti-corrosion ability and good polishing performance. It is often used as some anti-protective decorative bottom products. It can be applied to light industry, manipulator, watch industry and other industries.


How to do various effective processing of various forms of CNC aluminum parts during processing? Learn to learn the above two methods.