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How to remove burrs from CNC machining products? What are the removal methods


In the process of actual processing of products by precision machine tools, most people may want to know how to remove burrs. In fact, under the current situation, if you want to remove burrs, what are the removal methods? One point is worth paying attention to, and now let Up Rapid factory introduce it to you in detail.


How to remove burrs from CNC machining products


Method 1: 1: Electrolytic deburring


In the actual process of processing products, generally speaking, the method of electrolytic deburring is the most important method, which can effectively remove all the most important methods of mechanical processing, and can also be used for grinding or stamping. Better removal effect on processed burrs. There may be some burrs on the shoulder edge that can make the entire metal component. In this case, it must be effectively eliminated by means of electrolysis.


Method 2: 2: Abrasive flow deburring


If you use this method to deburr, use the reverse flushing process. Generally speaking, it is a deburring reverse flushing process developed in the late 1970s abroad. Such a process is especially suitable for those who have just entered the finishing stage of finishing. burrs, but for some products such as small and long pores or different metals at the bottom, it is not suitable for processing at all.


What kind of methods are there when deburring machined products? Through the above introduction, everyone should have a clear understanding. At present, these methods are more important in the processing of all products.