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What are the requirements for precision CNC machining parts? What are the things to be done?


When processing precision CNC machining parts, they must be processed in strict accordance with the existing industry standards. The size will be processed according to various products and different and specific needs. In the processing accuracy aspects will also be different. What are the requirements for this part of CNC machining parts when they are actually processed?


Requirement 1: Carry out separately 1: Separate processing


When CNC Milling processing precision CNC machining parts, the roughness and precision of the entire part may be different due to the amount of heat generated by the cutting of the part and the cutting force. In order to ensure the processing accuracy of the parts, it is necessary to carry out good processing on these products and equipment, and process them in different categories. And, do it right, with all the rough parts and precision machinery done right.


Requirement 2: 2: Reasonable selection of equipment


When machining precision CNC machining connections, generally speaking, it is necessary to check the rationality of each equipment and the processing of rough connections. It does not require high precision at all, but the main cutting allowance is still necessary. To be satisfied, so the whole equipment must have a higher precision machine tool when processing. In this case, the heat treatment process must be arranged on the part processing route, and the relevant heat treatment positions must be arranged during the treatment process.


What are the requirements for precision CNC machining parts during processing? Both of the above requirements are important.