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What work should be done in the processing of CNC machining parts? What are the details that need attention?


In the actual processing of CNC machining parts, a series of work must be done well. Only in this way can we pay attention to many details. From the current situation, how to do detail work on all the machined parts.


CNC machining parts


1. the process analysis of part drawings


Process Industry Analysis of Component Drawings


In the actual processing of CNC Milling, the industrial analysis of part drawings is more important. The surfaces of these parts on the drawings are all composed of cylinders or straight circles, pure arcs, and reverse arcs. There are many different diameters and relatively strict dimensional accuracy, so in this In some cases, the roughness of the surface is also required. If the dimensions are complete, the outline description will be clearer and better explained. The material of the entire part, that is, the characteristics of aluminum, should be done without heat treatment, which is more clear.


2. installation and clamping scheme


The intersection point of the right end surface of the blank and the center of rotation can be used as the origin to perform related operations and create coordinates. The left end can be used to install and make fixtures with various chucks, and the blank can be stretched and extruded. The degree can reach 80.


3. the processing route


In the actual machining process of cnc turning, the outer circular turning tool will be processed into more contours, and it can also be processed with cutting tools or threading tools. When processing, it is necessary to process according to the existing size requirements, and then make a U-turn to find the steering direction, accurately increase the speed, and the size requirements of the flat end surface should be well prepared.


Special attention should be paid to the above problems when CNC parts are processed.